Sniffing Set

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Because one of everything never hurt anyone.

Salt Lick

Chill White
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Meet the Sniffing Set

Why you should care.

Because you can do better than traditional perfume. Try the entire Color Collection with the Sniffing Set. It’s a lighter and cleaner approach to scent that compliments you without ever overpowering you.

What you get.

One of everything. A 2.8ml vial of all six scents in the Color Collection. That’s enough juice for a month or two. And each Sniffing Set includes a $20 credit that can be used to purchase your first full-sized Helio Ring bottle.

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A super unique veggie-pepper hybrid.
Salt Lick
A sleek second skin scent with French Rose.
A boozed-up fruity fragrance for adults only.
Chill White
A stripped down, minimalist approach to Jasmine.
A binary-breaking update of a classic masculine scent.
Simply put, the best lavender scent you'll ever smell.

$20 Credit

  • Sniffing Set comes with a $20 credit.
  • Credit can be used towards any full-size bottle.
  • After you order, we'll email you your unique promo code
  • Code is good for 30 days from date of purchase
  • Ingredients

  • We have 15 years of experience producing natural ingredients.
  • Our scents are built around super pure natural ingredients.
  • Far higher quality than what's found in traditional perfumes.
  • Free of irritants, allergens and preservatives.
  • See the "Nope List" below for some of the ingredients we don't use.