Girl smiling with bottle of Chill White

Hello, we're Helio.
In a world full of heavy perfume, we keep it light and simple.

A better scent.

We all want to smell good. But perfume isn’t always the best way to get there. Too often perfume can feel like too much. It can be heavy, artificial and full of weird chemicals. So we decided to build a better scent from the ground up. In style and substance, it’s everything traditional perfume isn’t.

Designed in a
West Coast style.

We design our scents in a West Coast style born in California that’s noticeably lighter and cleaner than traditional perfume. It’s built around super pure natural ingredients and free of any cheap smelly chemicals. It’s a minimalist approach to scent that has a clean, easygoing and healthy vibe. Designed to be good for you and good for the planet.

Less-but-best ingredients.

For us, real luxury begins with simplicity. So we get rid of all the excess. If it’s not clean, you won’t find it in Helio. We don’t use boosters or irritants or animal products or anything tested on animals. We build our scents from the ground up using best-in-class natural ingredients with modern technologies so you get super pure scents that are always light and clean on your skin.

A happy thing.

Smell is your most powerful sense and it’s deeply connected to your memories and emotions. That’s why we named ourselves Helio, the latin word for sun. Because much like sunshine, scent uplifts. It heals. It makes a bad day better. It’s a happy thing. Your fragrance should be a happy thing too.

"Guaranteed to make you smile"
- Fragrantica

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