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helio - [hee-lee-oh] - sun, light, sunlight

Here comes the sun.

So why does a scent company name itself after the sun? Because much like our sense of smell, sunshine has a huge impact on how we feel. It uplifts. It heals. It’s a happy thing. No one was ever like, “oh no, the sun is shining.”
Girl holding 2 boxes with 'Real Scents No Nonsense' on them

Scent heals.
Perfume? Not so much.

Here’s something we believe – scent heals. And the science backs us up. Study after study shows how scent can calm your mind and improve your mood. Perfume is a whole different story. Perfume is like fast food – loud, heavy and full of chemicals. It’s a punch in the face when what you really want is a hug.

Box and bottle of Bloozberry with grapefruit slices on a cutting board

For you. Not other people.

Our scents are for enhancing your own personal space, not invading other people’s. They’re for uplifting your mood and making you feel good, whether that means giving you a boost of energy, a shot of confidence or just promoting a deep sense of chill.

You should smell like you.

We design our scents to compliment you without ever overwhelming you. They’re substantial enough to make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. But also light enough to mix with your unique body chemistry so that you still smell like you.

Girl holding 2 boxes with 'Real Scents No Nonsense' on them

Real Scents. No Nonsense.

We’re big on transparency. We think you have a right to know what’s in your personal care products. Perfume brands think otherwise. They coat you in chemicals and then leave you in the dark about what you’re spraying on yourself. We don’t. We use the best natural ingredients and then we tell you what those ingredients are. After all, we’re proud of our ingredients so why not show them off?

Sniff us out.

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