Helio boxes of Quino, Capsene, Chill White, Bloozberry, Salt Lick and Dula
Girl with bottle of Chill White

Helio is all about a
sunshine state of mind.

Scent heals. It can boost your mood and calm your mind. So we decided to make scents that do just that. They refresh. They rejuvenate. They make a bad day better. They’re like a little bit of sunshine to help brighten your day.

Real scents.
No nonsense.

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No toxic

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and vegan

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Girl holding bottle of Capsene

If you want to smell like perfume, we're probably not for you.

Perfume stinks. It’s aggressive, invasive and full of weird chemicals. You deserve something better. So we design clean scents that are natural and fresh and will never leave you feeling like you’re coated in anything heavy or artificial.

Sniffing Set vials in mesh bag

Try them all.

Sniff your way through our entire collection with the Sniffing Set. You get 6 scents, 2 months worth of juice and a $20 credit in your pocket.

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