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A lighter, cleaner approach to scent. Built one ingredient at a time.

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The most important thing.

Here’s an ugly truth. In a lot of perfume, the bottle costs more to make than the actual fragrance! The ingredients are often an afterthought. For us, it’s the opposite – the ingredients are the most important thing. That’s baked into our DNA. Before starting Helio, we worked in the essential oil industry for over 10 years. So we know from experience that a great fragrance requires great ingredients.

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Always real ingredients.

A lot of perfume speak is intentionally confusing. So let’s clear something up. When we talk about what’s in our scents, we’re talking about ingredients. Not notes. There’s a big difference between the two. An ingredient is something real. Real Jasmine Absolute extracted from real Jasmine petals. A note is very different. When a perfume claims to have a note of Jasmine, it means it has something in it that smells like Jasmine. It could be real Jasmine. But too often it’s a cheap synthetic alternative. With Helio, you get the real thing.

Always best-in-class.

We’re about real luxury, not hype. We build our scents around best-in-class natural ingredients produced with modern methods like supercritical extraction and molecular distillation. The names might sound exotic but the results aren’t – you get super pure luxury scents that feel light and clean on your skin.

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Always clean.

If it’s not clean, you won’t find it in Helio. We don’t use parabens, phthalates, boosters or irritants. We don’t use ingredients derived from animals or tested on animals. And we don’t use ingredients that have questionable sustainability records. Our scents are always clean and never junked up. So you can spritz with confidence.

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The Nope List

An ever-expanding list of ingredients that you might find in perfume but you’ll never find in Helio.

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