Floral • Clean • Fresh

A super zen spa-like scent for the health & wellness people.

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Meet Dula

Why it's special.

The cleanest and most comforting lavender fragrance you’ll ever smell! Dula is a super pure lavender scent that’s totally free of any dusty, dry and dirty notes.

What it smells like.

Think a spa-like lavender, stripped down to its essence. Floral, not herbal. Subtly sweet. Without anything dry or dirty. No unpleasant rosemary notes here.

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Gender Free
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Vegan + Cruelty Free
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No toxic chemicals

Fast Facts

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The Smell
Floral • Clean • Fresh
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The Ingredients
Lavender • Chamomile • Clary Sage • Cardamom
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The Vibe
Soothing • Healing • Comforting
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The Performance
8 hours. Stays fresh and clean on your skin.
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The Commitment
Always vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and free of toxic chemicals.


Key Ingredients
Photo of Lavender
Photo of Chamomile Flower
Photo of Clary Sage
Clary Sage
Photo of Cardamom pods
Ingredients you may find in perfume but you'll never find in Helio.

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